Sunday, 6 September 2009

Lost. Again!

Not for one night will I sleep
Nor for one day will I sit.
This fire burning inside me
Too heavy to contain
Occupying each morsel of my being
It keeps my hands from burning

Like a carver
Every minute I chisel within
Insisting on making me straight
But sometimes I am forced to stop and ask
Perhaps I am loving myself far too much
Or I hate me.

This is the point when one becomes an enemy of both camps
Caught in the middle,
Every thought becomes a double-edged sword

I am lost again.

But this time it is different
For I accept that I cannot always know where I am to be what I must.
For the universe is an endless garden for all.
As vast as it is.
It is a gift to be in a place any yet in another at the same time.
How else can I explain the space between you and me?

Reality is flexible - formless
Like water ,it takes the shape of what contains it - us!
And like water, there are no boundaries...
Just a smooth flow, like music, like harmony.

When I shake your hands or take your body in mine
It is ok if we get lost in each other
For like water, the currents will always lead the way.

(c) Emeka Okereke - Algiers, Algeria, 08/07/2009.

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