Tuesday, 8 September 2009

To Those Who Were Before Me And After Me

In my life I have been blessed by your existence
Now I remember those wise comments you make
In a sentence, even somehow carelessly.
Hardly did I know they lay before before my path as I advance in everyday.
How could I have known that there will come a time
when I would say the same things to myself.

They say time waits for no man!
But sometimes time waits for us to mature
So that we could appreciate moments of our past.

I just want to say to those who are before me and those after me:
"I am grateful to be in the middle"
You showed me where I am going
And you bring me back to things I miss while I was going too fast.

I am grateful
Grateful to life that has brought you all my way!

(c) Emeka Okereke - Lagos, 18/07/2009

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