Sunday, 6 September 2009

Between Johannesburg And Lagos

Born a traveler
I am only confined to the wind
The earth only receives me but slightly
My footprints are scattered across many lands
Of which none I can hardly call mine
Constantly laden with profound expectations
Of me, and others, of me.

Society push
I shove
In a world where handshakes are but palm-readings
I am only good as your next project...or not...

But I would rather be less than settle for less
The wind is my friend, even the whirlwind.
They say it will uproot me
I say it will uplift me.
They say it will quench my fire
I say it will tame it.

The only danger I see is myself.
As for you,
You can't do to me what you've already not done to yourself.

(c) Emeka Okereke - kenya Airways (en route from Joburg to Lagos), 30/06/2009.

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