Friday, 22 October 2010

Filling My Portion

This trouble of the heart
I seek for a means to pour it out
At least that I may take a first look at it from a distance
I need to put a face to it
Indeed a name - not my name
It's been long now
And I really have to say goodbye

Farewell to a friend who was always an enemy
Farewell to the walls that threaten my ascent
Farewell to the concepts that weaken my courage

I shiver as if I am cold
I tremble at the thought of another day
Again, I kid myself it will be a lovely day
Yet, 'am not too eager to greet the sun

But courage would prevail
In the midst of these fears I will match on
For indeed there are no better options
As long as my body serves as a passage for the morning air
And a vessel for the sun and rain
I will sing with the birds
With as ugly as a coarse voice
I will join the chorus

Things I worry about are only meant for the dead
So why am I not living?
Everyday yields a night, only to unveil a morning
A new freshness
That much I know from the queen of the night, the lilies and roses

Now I hear the birds again
But I should not listen to them for too long
For our destinies are diverse
And it's about time I set out in action
To fill my portion of the blank spaces.

Lagos 22/10/2010

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