Sunday, 31 October 2010

Birthday Reflections

A day like this always calls for the utmost reflection

A day to be glad, but also a day to ask: why am I glad?

30 years ago, at dusk, I was born

It was the beginning of a journey no one could tell the outcome

For long others lead, I followed

I fumbled, tumbled, fell and failed

But somehow it never spelt the end for me or of me

“From grass to grace” some might want to say

Instead I prefer to think there is no grace without those who showed me the way through the grass.

They say “age ain’t nothing but numbers”

But it is the perfect measure of time,

Time to sow, time to reap, but not time to waste.

I have spent nearly 262, 968 hours since the day of my arrival on earth

It is a generous gift, and I feel blessed

I also feel strong

Many people have died for what they believe, but I am yet to live for it

I look up to the heavens today and ask the Almighty to continue to grant me more hours

And more wisdom to live them in Great deeds.

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