Friday, 29 August 2008

My Phobia

I see things
But my heart fear that it might feel dead
So I close my eyes
I plunge into the journey
But behind the lids
I could see me turning away
Trying hard to not reflect
Calling on my reflex
But the question hunts me
What is blue if it is not just a colour?
Or red if not blood?

As I search
I am scared to dive deep
For stumbling on the image of my trueself
That which knows not a thing in all that I know
That which has called right all that is wrong
That which spent a lot of emotions rejoicing in illusions

I opened my eyes!
And tears fell from them.

1 comment:

Jelka said...

Don't be afraid to dive deep. not you. you are true, so true and real.
We are not meant to see the truth behind it all. We have only one choice: to trust. And maybe this is our greatest task.