Friday, 29 August 2008

Cry From The Dark Cave

My spirit takes to the shades
For all I have done
And all I hope for
It seems a dime worth
They say we are alive
But where is the light?

Trapped in the cage
Cold as winter
In the dark
Friend becomes enemy
We are strangers to ourselves how much more our neighbours

"Kill it if you can't keep it!"

Says the dog that ate the bone hung on its neck
Says the peace keepers turned peace killers
Our blood stink of envy
Our sweat filled with hate.

We say we are alive
But where is the light?

A world of fools for tools of pain
full of ideas but no ideals
we toil for oil and kill for colour
we say God bless us
We're saying God bless U.S
legs stamp on innoncent heads
The harmless hang from the noose and murderers are on the loose
Mothers burn the unborn
Less blessings for the helpless
While the blessed steal from the hopeless.

But we hide in our hides
The make-up is a make-believe
Blindfolds that cost a billion
With all the hope dope
from pastors and priests,
politicians and philantropists
The dark is still light-tight

We say we are alive
But where is the light?

Where? Is? The? Light?

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