Friday, 7 January 2011

Basking in the Radiant Star

Holy is the night
So holy that words only cannot describe
A precious gift worth more than a thousand frankincense
For saints as for sinners

As so imperfect as I am
I feel the perfection of this Love
The Joy of the day freed my wings from the cold harmattan
And filled my nostrils with soothing fragrance of the desert wind

I rejoice hand in hand with those in whose hands I placed the trust
Of friendship and family
Wishing that this feeling be contagious and airborne

It is the end of another year
Even though many roosters and broilers die today in the harsh burners of festive meals
We still wake up to yet another crow
Many tried to work against the light
But darkness is still in flight

Money is the sources of riches
But health encompasses wealth
I am among the blessed, alive
That is an understatement

With every ounce of my being
I will bask in this gift
Worth more than a thousand frankincense

© Emeka Okereke, 26th December 2010

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