Friday, 28 January 2011

A Warning Sign

Be careful what you do
You might end up a fool
A tool of mehem
We live in a world where there is no absence of sorrow
No time to borrow
But in love we must follow
If we must live through tomorrow

Kill the greed in you
That true wealth may ressurect from that death
Make hay while the sun shines
For soon it will be night
There is no day like the other

Life is a journey
The longer it seems, the shorter it gets
Every minute is a million possibilities compressed into moments
Serve you body but do not starve your soul
Fill your heart with desires, but remember it consumes like fire

you will be a better slave if it was out of choice
Be You
Do not wish

Do not wish your life away

© Emeka Okereke, Lagos 20/01/11

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