Monday, 11 August 2008

Those precious moments

Every morning,
I make haste to wake
I grab my bag and walk down the length of the streets to the sea
Where it all happens
Lost in translation, I am at the mercy of imagery
In a foreign land where the emotions are all too familiar
I read, I speak, I communicate in visual phonetics
Caught in the dynamism of the harbor,
I become a part of those moments that disturb the sea
I am there…I am in there
As the big ferry « Bagamoyo » opens its bowels to yet another in-take of alcohol, vehicles and people.
I watch as the Maputo sun coils around the huge boat showering it with moving shadows
I watch as forms appear and disappears as the boat tango with the sun
With my camera,
I gulp these moments in a single swift click of the shutter

On the corner,
A father hugs the son with an affection that reveals in both eyes
A boy count his eggs…
The woman waits for another day in the big city
While I wait for that moment I can touch with the tip of a finger.

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