Monday, 19 May 2008

Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Sun is Shinning
And it hits my Heart
Its illuminating
Energy insurmountable
Sparks of Stars
I feel like a Dynamite
Ready to explode into a million lines
In my mind
I make joyful journeys
Back and forth time
I ask questions
I try to reach deep
Deep enough to touch myself

I hear!
Oh! I hear!'s me...the silent me
'Never knew this part of me
'Never knew there was a silent part of me

In my journey,
I come across a space
Without a scape
No trace of a face.
Neither sitting nor standing
I float against all logic:

My eyes are closed but I see.
My ears hear sounds that only speak to my soul
My hands touch only things I can feel
I am Smiling
I am Flying
I am loving it.

But I never forget
Never forget my Sadness
The world is too Cruel to be this Cool
One day the ocean will come for its lands
The fire for its trees and houses.
The wind will claim the air
Flowers its forests
Forests its Cities
The Earth its Bodies

Where do I stand in all this?

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