Monday, 3 March 2008

Life Of Many Colours

Life is of many colours
When mixed it becomes the colour of complexity
But also simplicity, 'depends on the view.
But We have to live above these mountains
Somewhere we could have a better view

Everyone is everyone
So where is me?
Me is in you.
I am something because you feel something.
We always want to touch the sky
But I am closer to you than the stars.
Touch me
And together we will touch the sky.

I know you don't feel me
But check this:
If all we gain today is
All we lose tomorrow
Then life is borrowed
None has all, but
We have all

As for you who won't work
Do you prefer to be a victim or
A victor?
As for you who turns your sleep to slumber
Do you prefer begging to blessings?
For what You give is what You Worth.

As for you who is a slave to your own fear for failure
You will stop at nothing to have anything
Please watch my head as you look ahead
Do your "Anything"
But don't make your joys my pain
For as you walk,
Your footprints keep the record
It will follow you
Even beyond your grave.

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