Sunday, 23 March 2008

In Joburg....11/03/08

It was a B & B
The bed so white and big
Fold the four sides and you'd have a casket
I roll around and drown in pillows
My mind trying to stay afloat
As I question the events of today
In what direction am I?
To the essence or the senseless?
Something tells me I am playing with fire and could fall asleep while at it
Or maybe I am drinking more than I need to get home.
Though as I speak, the sky is the limit
But as I reach for the sky, I feel my feet is off the ground
Suddenly I feel lonely
Not because i lack friends
But because the burden of my glory is solely mine to bear
And wouldn't want to make it another's since I am never sure if it is real or otherwise

I am not good at knowing what is good for me
But I sure know what is wrong for me
So often times,I end up wrong
The checkmate of all times
will be to wake one day to realise that I have lived a life of lies
When honesty is the greatest quest.
My values- the end product of a life's work.

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